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Energy Audit

Compressed Air Energy Audits

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Businesses in the State of Oregon that have power supplied to them by either PGE or Pacific Power and pay a public service charge have available funds to help them upgrade their current Compressed air System to more efficient equipment. This is known as an Energy Efficient Measure in both the "Production Efficiency" and "Building Efficiency" programs that are in place and ready to use.
The energy Trust of Oregon offers an incentive of 25 cents/kWh up to half the eligible project cost. The project's savings by itself must have a payback period of greater than one year and less than ten years for either the Production or Building Efficiency programs.
Pacific Air Compressors has a 100% perfect record of our Energy Trust applicants achieving actual kWh savings that exceed estimates. If we provide you with a report that claims savings of X number of annual dollars saved, you can be confident that figure is conservative and your actual savings will be higher.
What's involved with our Free Energy Audit? First we insure that your current system is operating at a reasonable efficient level and evaluate the appropriateness of your equipment for your type of operation. Next we install Kilowatt and PSI Loggers to record one week's worth of power consumed by your compressed air system. This data is then collected, analyzed and charted. We compare the current system to the proposed energy efficient system.
The energy consumption of both the existing system and the proposed energy efficient system is compared in a report showing you the kWh savings and dollar savings. We will show you how fast the project will pay for itself a Return on Investment with the proposed Energy Trust cash incentive.
Pacific Air Compressors will always perform the audit free of charge and submit all of the applicable applications for you to the Energy Trust of Oregon.
As attractive as the Incentives may be, it is important to remember that the greatest savings come from your reduced power consumption over many years to come. Also, other benefits are often realized, such as improved reliability and improved air quality.